IPFS daemon wraps js-ipfs instance with dag-jose codec enabled

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  import ceramicnetworkIpfsDaemon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon';


Ceramic IPFS Daemon

Wraps js-ipfs instance with dag-jose codec enabled.

Getting started

The daemon can be run with Node.js or Docker.

Using Node.js

You can install this package globally and run the binary from your shell

npm install -g @ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon
export CERAMIC_NETWORK=testnet-clay # or another Ceramic network

or use it in a Node.js application

npm install @ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon
import {IpfsDaemon} from "@ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon";

// All the parameters are optional here
// If not set, they are given defaults or got read from process environment variables
const ipfsDaemon = await IpfsDaemon.create({
    ipfsDhtServerMode: IPFS_DHT_SERVER_MODE, // DHT Server
    ipfsEnableApi: true, // Enable IPFS API
    ipfsEnableGateway: true, // Enable IPFS Gateway
    useCentralizedPeerDiscovery: true, // Connect to bootstrap nodes
    ceramicNetwork: 'testnet-clay' // Bootstrap nodes are selected per network
await ipfsDaemon.start()
const ipfs = ipfsDaemon.ipfs
await ipfsDaemon.stop()

Using Docker

Public builds of the image Dockerfile.ipfs-daemon are hosted here: ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon on Docker Hub

docker pull ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon
docker run -p 5011:5011 -e CERAMIC_NETWORK=testnet-clay ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon


We are happy to accept small and large contributions. Make sure to check out the Ceramic specifications for details of how the protocol works.


Apache-2.0 or MIT