JavaScript/TypeScript implementation of the IDX protocol.

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JavaScript/TypeScript implementation of the IDX protocol.

⚠️ IDX is in alpha. Libraries may be unstable and APIs are subject to change.

IDX: An identity protocol for open applications

IDX is a cross-platform identity protocol that replaces centralized user tables with a decentralized alternative. IDX allows users to build up a unified digital identity consisting of all their data while enabling developers to break down silos and freely share a users' data between applications. IDX supports all application architectures, but is notably compatible with all blockchains, wallets, and user/application datastores.

  • Eliminate users from your server: Replace centralized user IDs and user tables with a secure decentralized alternative
  • Connect many accounts: Link multiple blockchain, web3, social network accounts, and domains to the same user identity
  • Use any datastore: Store user and application data in any DB server, blockchain, or Web3 datastore
  • Make your data discoverable: Add references to your data to a user’s personal index, where it can be discovered by others
  • Import data from other apps: Discover a user's entire catalog of data by querying the index and import it into your app
  • Give users control: Give users control over data discovery, sharing, and permissions

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Dual licensed under MIT and Apache 2