Typeahead multi-select dropdown component for angular

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Typeahead multi-select dropdown component for angular. Demo

Table of contents:


npm install --save ngx-type-ahead

How it works

Type ahead uses (observable) array of items to suggest value to user based on current value of the input.

Items can be simple strings or they could be objects. Here is a brief list of functionality:

  • Standard type ahead functionality
  • Custom inputs (only if suggestions are strings)
  • Fixed scope of values - limited to suggestions
  • Selecting multiple values
  • Suggestions as an array or observable of array
  • Suggestion as an object - user specifies which property is view value and which is value indentifier.


In order to use ngx-type-ahead you need to import the module and simply place component in your template.

  imports: [
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }
<type-ahead formControlName="myControl" [suggestions]="mySuggestions"></type-ahead>


DOM element properties

Type-ahead supports following properties:

  • suggestions: TypeaheadSuggestions - List or observable list of elements which represent set of possible suggestions. For more information on type check TypeaheadSuggestions.
    Default value is [].
  • itemTemplate: TemplateRef - Custom template template for items in suggestions list and badges in multi select scenario. Exposed properties are item and index.
  • custom: boolean - Flag indicating whether custom values are allowed.
    Default value is true.
  • multi: boolean - Flag indicating whether control accepts multiple values/array of values.
    Default value is false.
  • complex: boolean - Flag indicating whether suggestion represents an Object instead of simple string.
    Default value is false.
  • idField: string - Only for complex suggestions. Object's indicator property name used as a value for form component. Can be just in combination with multi, but automatically cancels custom.
    Default value is id.
  • nameField: string - Only for complex suggestions. Object's name property. This value will be shown in dropdown and in the input, but idField will be saved to form.
    Default value is name.
  • settings: TypeaheadSettings - Additional typeahead settings, mostly style related that will most likely be shared among different type-ahead elements.


Type representing suggestions. Can be:

  • string[]
  • Object[]
  • Observable<string[]>
  • Observable<Object[]>


export interface TypeaheadSettings {
  /** how much should be user's typing debounced */
  typeDelay: number; // Default is `50`
  /** maximal number of visible items in dropdown. If value is 0, list will not be limited */
  suggestionsLimit: number; // Default is `10`
  /** text shown when there are no matches */
  noMatchesText: string; // Default is `No matches found`

  /** css classes for parts of type-ahead */
  tagClass: string; // Default is `btn badge badge-primary`
  tagRemoveIconClass: string; // Default is ``
  dropdownMenuClass: string; // Default is `dropdown-menu`
  dropdownMenuExpandedClass: string; // Default is `dropdown-menu show`
  dropdownMenuItemClass: string; // Default is `dropdown-item`
  dropdownToggleClass: string; // Default is `dropdown-toggle`


Licensed under MIT