ECS ALB target.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import cfnModulesEcsAlbTarget from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cfn-modules/ecs-alb-target';


cfn-modules: ECS ALB target

ECS ALB target.


Install Node.js and npm first!

npm i @cfn-modules/ecs-alb-target


AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09'
Description: 'cfn-modules example'
    Type: 'AWS::CloudFormation::Stack'
        AlbModule: !GetAtt 'Alb.Outputs.StackName' # required
        AlbListenerModule: !GetAtt 'AlbListener.Outputs.StackName' # required
        VpcModule: !GetAtt 'Vpc.Outputs.StackName' # required
        AlertingModule: '' # optional
        CognitoUserPoolModule: '' # optional
        Priority: '1' # optional
        HostPattern: '' # optional
        PathPattern: '/*' # optional
        DeregistrationDelayInSeconds: '60' # optional
        AuthCallbackDomain: 'app.widdix.de' # optional, required when CognitoUserPoolModule is set
        HealthCheckPath: '/' # optional
        HealthCheckPort: '' # optional
      TemplateURL: './node_modules/@cfn-modules/ecs-alb-target/module.yml'


Related modules


Name Description Default Required? Allowed values
AlbModule Stack name of alb module yes
AlbListenerModule Stack name of alb-listener module yes
VpcModule Stack name of vpc module yes
AlertingModule Stack name of alerting module no
CognitoUserPoolModule Stack name of cognito-userpool module no
Priority The priority for the rule. Elastic Load Balancing evaluates rules in priority order, from the lowest value to the highest value. If a request satisfies a rule, Elastic Load Balancing ignores all subsequent rules. A target group can have only one rule with a given priority. 1 no 1-50000
HostPattern Host pattern (you can specify HostPattern and/or PathPattern) no
PathPattern Path pattern (you can specify HostPattern and/or PathPattern) /* no
DeregistrationDelayInSeconds The amount of time, in seconds, for Elastic Load Balancing to wait before changing the state of a deregistering target from draining to unused 60 no 0-3600
AuthCallbackDomain The domain name used to access a target which requires authentication via a Cognito User Pool, required when CognitoUserPoolModule is set. no
HealthCheckPath The HTTP GET request is sent to this path. The response status code must be in the range 200-399 for healthy containers / no
HealthCheckPort The HTTP GET request is sent to this port (if you specify no port the traffic port is used where the load balancer sends the traffic to) no