AWS SQS queue with a dead letter queue, encryption, and alerting

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  import cfnModulesSqsQueue from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cfn-modules/sqs-queue';


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cfn-modules: AWS SQS queue

AWS SQS queue with a dead letter queue, encryption, and alerting.


Install Node.js and npm first!

npm i @cfn-modules/sqs-queue


AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09'
Description: 'cfn-modules example'
    Type: 'AWS::CloudFormation::Stack'
        AlertingModule: !GetAtt 'Alerting.Outputs.StackName' # optional
        KmsKeyModule: !GetAtt 'Key.Outputs.StackName' # optional
        DelaySeconds: 0 # optional
        KmsDataKeyReusePeriodSeconds: 300 # optional
        MaximumMessageSize: 262144 # optional
        MessageRetentionPeriod: 345600 # optional
        ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds: 0 # optional
        VisibilityTimeout: 0 # optional
      TemplateURL: './node_modules/@cfn-modules/sqs-queue/module.yml'


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Name Description Default Required? Allowed values
AlertingModule Stack name of alerting module no
KmsKeyModule Stack name of kms-key module no
DelaySeconds The time in seconds that the delivery of all messages in the queue is delayed 0 no [0-900]
KmsDataKeyReusePeriodSeconds The length of time in seconds that Amazon SQS can reuse a data key to encrypt or decrypt messages before calling AWS KMS again 300 no [60-86400]
MaximumMessageSize The limit of how many bytes that a message can contain before Amazon SQS rejects it 262144 no [1024-262144]
MessageRetentionPeriod The number of seconds that Amazon SQS retains a message 345600 no [60-1209600]
ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds Specifies the duration, in seconds, that the ReceiveMessage action call waits until a message is in the queue in order to include it in the response, as opposed to returning an empty response if a message isn't yet available 0 no [0-20]
VisibilityTimeout The length of time during which a message will be unavailable after a message is delivered from the queue 30 no [0-43200]