Selenium Manager for tap

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<script type="module">
  import cfwareTapSeleniumManager from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cfware/tap-selenium-manager';


@cfware/tap-selenium-manager NPM Version

Selenium Manager for tap


import {testBrowser, grabImage} from '@cfware/tap-selenium-manager';
import t from 'libtap';

import startHTTPD from './your-httpd-server.js';

const pages = {
    async 'page1.html'(t, selenium) {
        // Use `selenium` to control the browser and `t` to perform
        // assertions on the results.
        const element = await selenium.findElement({id: 'image'});
        t.matchSnapshot(await grabImage(element));

async function main() {
    const baseURL = await startHTTPD();
    if (await testBrowser(t, 'firefox', baseURL, pages)) {
        console.log('Firefox tests ran');
    if (await testBrowser(t, 'chrome', baseURL, pages)) {
        console.log('Chrome tests ran');