An experimental macro interpretation module

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An experimental macro interpretation module written in Node.

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Important Notice:

:construction: This Module is still in development stage and not intended for public usage yet! :construction:

What is this?

The goal of this project is to build a self-written macro interpretation module, similar (but by far not that feature rich) to the Macro Module of Razer Synapse.

This module offers both, a command-line interface and a library module, so you can either use this project right out of the box or extend it by using the exposed Api.


Build Requirements:

  • Node 14
  • Yarn

Note: In theory you should also be able to build this module on non Windows operating systems, but this is untested and won't be tested in the future as this project's target audience is Windows.

To build the project run:

yarn build

To build a native executable run:

yarn build:native:v14 

Module Api

TODO: This is still work in progress...


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