## What is @cfxjs/use-wallet

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What is @cfxjs/use-wallet

It's a front-end-view wallet hooks library for lightweight dapp rapid development use, only encapsulating the wallet injection in the window provider.If you need more complete and powerful support, js-conflux-sdk or web3.js will be more suitable.

It's a simpler way to 'use' wallet in react-base dapp.


  • Support both fluent and metamask. use-wallet supports all wallets whose provider are compatible with the 'conflux' and 'ethereum' specifications.(Only full support for fluent and metamask is guaranteed)

  • Easy to use. use-wallet has a high level encapsulation, without the need to pay attention to the provider and other specification-oriented concepts. From a front-end developer's perspective, focus on hooks and func and just use them.

  • Fine-grained hooks to avoid duplicate render. Some similar hooks wrappers in the community have a habit of returning a lot of data wrapped together, which causes unnecessary render and is not advocated.

  • Tiny use-wallet only communicates with the wallet through the wallet-injected provider, as well as providing some lightweight tooling methods. In many cases, developing a dapp doesn't require importing a large and comprehensive library like js-conflux-sdk, web3.js.(gzip: 3.7kb - source code, 20kb - include decimal.js)


yarn add @cfxjs/use-wallet

Basic Usage

import React, { memo, useCallback } from 'react';
import { useStatus, useAccount, useChainId, useBalance, connect, Unit } from '@cfxjs/use-wallet';
// import { useStatus, ... } from '@cfxjs/use-wallet/dist/ethereum';

const BasicUsage: React.FC = () => {
    const status = useStatus();

    return (
            {status !== 'in-detecting' && status !== 'active' && (
                    disabled={status !== 'not-active'}
                    {status === 'in-activating' && 'connecting...'}
                    {status === 'not-installed' && 'Fluent Not Install'}
                    {status === 'not-active' && 'Connect Fluent'}
            {status === 'active' && <WalletInfo />}

const WalletInfo: React.FC = memo(() => {
    const account = useAccount();
    const chainId = useChainId()!;
    const balance = useBalance()!;

    // Send 1 native token to self (connected account)
    const handleClickSendTransaction = useCallback(async () => {
        // For ts Type Guards. when status turn to 'active', account|chainId|balance must be exist.
        // You can use Non null assert instead. Like chainId|balance above.
        if (!account) return;

        try {
            const TxnHash = await sendTransaction({
                to: account,
                value: Unit.fromStandardUnit('1').toHexMinUnit(),
        } catch (err) {
    }, [account]);

    return (
            <p>account: {account}</p>
            <p>chainId: {chainId}</p>
                balance: {`${balance.toDecimalStandardUnit()} CFX`}

            <button onClick={handleClickSendTransaction}>
                Send 1 native token to self (connected account)

export default BasicUsage;

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