Typechain Bindings for Chainbridge Solidity contracts

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  import chainsafeChainbridgeContracts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chainsafe/chainbridge-contracts';



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ChainBridge uses Solidity smart contracts to enable transfers to and from EVM compatible chains. These contracts consist of a core bridge contract (Bridge.sol) and a set of handler contracts (ERC20Handler.sol, ERC721Handler.sol, and GenericHandler.sol). The bridge contract is responsible for initiating, voting on, and executing proposed transfers. The handlers are used by the bridge contract to interact with other existing contracts.

Read more here.

A CLI to deploy and interact with these contracts can be found here.


Requires nodejs and npm.


make install-deps: Installs truffle and ganache globally, fetches local dependencies. Also installs abigen from go-ethereum.

make bindings: Creates go bindings in ./build/bindings/go

PORT=<port> SILENT=<bool> make start-ganache: Starts a ganache instance, default PORT=8545 SILENT=false

QUIET=<bool> make start-geth: Starts a geth instance with test keys

PORT=<port> make deploy: Deploys all contract instances, default PORT=8545

make test: Runs truffle tests.

make compile: Compile contracts.

ChainSafe Security Policy

Reporting a Security Bug

We take all security issues seriously, if you believe you have found a security issue within a ChainSafe project please notify us immediately. If an issue is confirmed, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure a statement and patch release is made in a timely manner.

Please email us a description of the flaw and any related information (e.g. reproduction steps, version) to security at chainsafe dot io.