A Typescript implementation of the beacon chain

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Lodestar Eth2 Implementation

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Lodestar is a TypeScript implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 specification developed by ChainSafe Systems.

Get it from the NPM Registry:
npm install -g @chainsafe/lodestar-cli
Get it from the Docker Hub:
docker pull chainsafe/lodestar

Getting started


Developer Quickstart:
lerna bootstrap
yarn build
./lodestar --help

Architecture Overview

  • :package: This mono-repository contains a suite of Ethereum 2.0 packages.
  • :balance_scale: The mono-repository is released under LGPLv3 license. Note, that the packages contain their own licenses.
Package Version License Docs Description
@chainsafe/lodestar npm License: LGPL v3 documentation :rotating_light: Beacon-chain client
@chainsafe/lodestar-validator npm License: LGPL v3 documentation :bank: Validator client
@chainsafe/lodestar-light-client npm License documentation :bird: Eth2 Light client
@chainsafe/lodestar-api npm License documentation :clipboard: REST Client for the Eth2 API
@chainsafe/lodestar-cli npm License: LGPL v3 documentation :computer: Command-line tool for Lodestar
@chainsafe/lodestar-beacon-state-transition npm License: LGPL v3 documentation :mag_right: Eth2 beacon-state transition
@chainsafe/lodestar-types npm License documentation :spiral_notepad: Eth2 TypeScript and SSZ types
@chainsafe/lodestar-params npm License documentation :spider_web: Eth2 network parameters
@chainsafe/lodestar-utils npm License documentation :toolbox: Miscellaneous utility functions used across Lodestar
@chainsafe/lodestar-config npm License documentation :spiral_notepad: Eth2 types and params bundled together
@chainsafe/lodestar-spec-test-util npm License documentation :test_tube: Test harness for Eth2 spec tests
@chainsafe/lodestar-spec-test-runner License: LGPL v3 :test_tube: Run all Eth2 spec tests
@chainsafe/lodestar-db npm License documentation :floppy_disk: Read/write persistent Eth2 data
@chainsafe/lodestar-fork-choice npm License documentation :fork_and_knife: Beacon-chain fork choice


Read our contributors document, submit an issue or talk to us on our Discord!


Weekly contributor meetings are public and announced on Discord. Feel free to check out our meeting notes and documents on HackMD. Post-September 2021, meeting notes can be found on the Lodestar Wiki Page.


We are a local group of Toronto open-source developers. As such, all of our open-source work is funded by grants. We all take the time out of our hectic lives to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. If you want to donate, you can send us ETH at the following address: lodestar.chainsafe.eth