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  import chainsafeMetamaskPolkadotAdapter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chainsafe/metamask-polkadot-adapter';


Metamask <> Polkadot snap adapter


Metamask <> Polkadot snap adapter is used to inject polkadot snap as web3 provider. It lists snap inside window.injectedWeb3["metamask-polkadot-snap"] so it can be enabled using @polkadot/extension-dapp package.

For more details on polkadot snap itself see snap repo or read full polkadot snap documentation.


Adapter has only one exposed function for injecting snap as web3 provider.

function injectMetamaskPolkadotSnapProvider(
  network: "westend"|"kusama",
  config?: SnapConfig,
  pluginOrigin?: string
): void

If only network argument is provided, predefined configuration for specific network will be used. By providing config as argument it is possible to override default configurations.

Configuration structure is shown below.

SnapConfig {
  networkName: string;
  wsRpcUrl?: string;
  addressPrefix?: number;
  unit?: UnitConfiguration;

UnitConfiguration {
  symbol: string;
  decimals: number;
  image?: string;
  customViewUrl?: string;