This library helps to integrate google recaptcha into your react project easily.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import chaitanyapottiReactRecaptchaV3 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chaitanyapotti/react-recaptcha-v3';



This component is created in order to make the experience of integrating Google ReCaptcha into React apps easier and smoother.

Currently, we are using ReCaptcha V3, which is still in beta version; so, we will update our component when they release the stable version.

P.S. It will open the ReCaptcha window only when there are some doubts by Google; otherwise, it will automatically generate the recaptcha token.

Google ReCaptcha V3


npm install react-recaptcha-v3 --save


First of all, get your site key for ReCaptcha V3 here

There are two steps that you need to implement.

1. Use loadReCaptcha() to initialize the ReCaptcha

This function should be imported and called in the main (parent) component of your app. We recommend calling it in componentDidMount() of App.js.

import { loadReCaptcha } from 'react-recaptcha-v3'


componentDidMount() {

2. Use ReCaptcha to integrate ReCaptcha in a particular component

invisible Recaptcha

Create a new component with the following code and give it a try!

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { ReCaptcha } from 'react-recaptcha-v3'

class ExampleComponent extends Component {

  verifyCallback = (recaptchaToken) => {
    // Here you will get the final recaptchaToken!!!  
    console.log(recaptchaToken, "<= your recaptcha token")

  render() {
    return (


        <h2>Google ReCaptcha with React </h2>

          1. Add <strong>your site key</strong> in the ReCaptcha component. <br/>
          2. Check <strong>console</strong> to see the token.

export default ExampleComponent;


The ReCaptcha block can be triggered without a callback in order to trigger an action.

See https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/v3#Actions for more Information.