A React component and hooks wrapper for popper.js

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<script type="module">
  import chakraXuiPopper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chakra-xui/popper';



A React hooks wrapper for popper.js to dynamic positioning of containers around a reference.


yarn add @chakra-xui/popper

Basic usage

By default, the usePopper hook returns props for the popper, reference and arrow.

const { popper, reference, arrow } = usePopper()

Changing the placement

You can change the placement of the popper by passing the placement option to usePopper and set it to the popper.js placement.

const { popper, reference, arrow, transformOrigin } = usePopper({
  placement: "right-start",

Match reference's width

In some cases, you might want to allow the popper take the width of the reference. For example, autocomplete, select, etc.

To achieve this, pass the matchWidth option and set it to true

const { popper, reference, arrow, transformOrigin } = usePopper({
  placement: "right-start",
  matchWidth: true,

Adding transition

When add transitions to a popper component, it is usually advised to apply popper and transition to different elements.

// 1. Import components
import { useDisclosure } from "@chakra-xui/hooks"
import { usePopper } from "@chakra-xui/popper"
import { motion, AnimatePresence } from "framer-motion"

export function Example() {
  // 2. Create toggle state
  const { isOpen, onToggle } = useDisclosure()

  // 3. Create motion variants
  const slide: Variants = {
    exit: {
      y: -2,
      opacity: 0,
    enter: {
      y: 0,
      opacity: 1,

  // 4. Consume the `usePopper` hook
  const { getPopperProps, getReferenceProps, getArrowProps } = usePopper({
    placement: "bottom-start",

  return (
      <button {...getReferenceProps({ onClick: onToggle })}>Toggle</button>
      <div {...popper}>
          {isOpen && (
                type: "spring",
                duration: 0.2,
                background: "red",
                width: 200,
                borderRadius: 4,
                  style: {
                    background: "red",

When not rendering the popper conditionally, we recommend using visibility: hidden instead of hidden or display: none