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Chakra Plugin Interface

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Documentation API Reference

Interface for Chakra Plugins

Table of Contents

Getting Started

npm package

This is the recommended method for using this package.

npm install @chakrajs/plugin-interface

If you are using yarn (recommended), use this instead.

yarn add @chakrajs/plugin-interface

Please read the Documentation and the API Reference to start building Chakra Apps.

Development Setup

git clone https://github.com/cubefuse/chakra-plugin-interface.git
cd chakra-plugin-interface
yarn install
  • The code can be built for both Node.js and the browser by yarn build.
  • To run the tests and generate coverage reports, use yarn test and yarn coverage.
  • Code linting with the JavaScript Standard Style is available with yarn lint.
  • Code documentation can be built with yarn docs.




We welcome your pull requests and bug reports.


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