Shareable configuration for ESLint following Chance Digital Coding Standards.

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Chance Digital ESLint Config

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Shareable configuration for ESLint following Chance Digital Coding Standards.


You should install this configuration along with its peerDependencies as devDependencies in your project:

npm i -D @chancedigital/eslint-config eslint@7 eslint-plugin-import@2 @babel/eslint-parser@7


Extend the configuration from your project's ESLint configuration:

// .eslintrc
  "extends": ["@chancedigital"]


In addition to the base ruleset, you may wish to install supersets of rules based on the project you are working on. Supersets are not mutually exclusive and can be combined (for example, if you are working on a WordPress project that uses React components, you can use both the react and wp supersets).

You can extend any superset in .eslintrc by adding the standard into an extends array.

// .eslintrc
  "extends": [

The following is a table of available supersets along with their required devDependencies:

Superset devDependencies
jest eslint-plugin-jest@24 eslint-plugin-testing-library@4
mocha eslint-plugin-mocha@8
node eslint-plugin-node@11
react eslint-plugin-react@7 eslint-plugin-react-hooks@4 eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y eslint-plugin-jest@24 eslint-plugin-testing-library@4 @babel/preset-react @7
typescript @typescript-eslint/parser@4 @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin@4 typescript@4
wp eslint-plugin-wpcalypso@5 @wordpress/eslint-plugin@7

Test Standards

As of v5.0, we have removed the Jest rules from the standard config. This is because some projects may use other tools such as Mocha. To use rules for Jest or Mocha, install the corresponding plugin and extend the superset as follows:

# For Jest
npm i -D eslint-plugin-jest@23

# For Mocha
npm i -D eslint-plugin-mocha@7
// .eslintrc
"extends": [
  // For Jest
  // For Mocha

More Info

Refer to the ESLint documentation on Shareable Configs for more information.