Takes a release plan and applies it to packages

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  import changesetsApplyReleasePlan from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@changesets/apply-release-plan';


Apply Release Plan

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This takes a releasePlan object for changesets and applies the expected changes from that release. This includes updating package versions, and updating changelogs.

import applyReleasePlan from "@changesets/apply-release-plan";
import { ReleasePlan, Config } from "@changesets/types";
import { Packages } from '@manypkg/get-packages'

await applyReleasePlan(
    // The release plan to be applied - see @changesets/types for information about its shape
    aReleasePlan: ReleasePlan,
    // The packages that applyReleasePlan should be run for from @manypkg/get-packages
    packages: Packages,
    // A valid @changesets/config config - see @changesets/types for information about its shape
    config: Config

Note that apply-release-plan does not validate the release plan's accuracy.

To generate a releace plan from written changesets use @changesets/get-release-plan