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  import changesetsLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@changesets/logger';



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import { error } from '@changesets/logger";

error('message part 1', 'message part 2');

Package Exports

error: Use error to print error messages upon which users which immediately action to complete the task.

info: Use info to print informational messages to user.

log: Use log to print messages don't fall in anyother specific category. For example, message to show title of the step being performed by the changesets tool.

success: Use success to assert to users that their instructions have completed succesfully.

warn: Use warn to print warning messages, something that user could action on now or later without much impact of their work.

Silencing Messages In Tests

Use the @changesets/test-utils package to silence the logs in test cases.

For example:

import { temporarilySilenceLogs } from "@changesets/test-utils";
import { log } from "@changesets/logger";


// Now the logs in this test file are not actually logged to std out
log("I am not logged");

// Use console.log to log messages in tests if required
console.log("Yiey, I am logged");