React components for the education design system

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Test CI

The Education Initiative's design system packages.



  • Node - if using nodenv, you can install the right version with nodenv install
  • Yarn - install through either npm (npm install -g yarn) or homebrew (brew install yarn)

Helpful commands

Description Command
Install dependencies yarn install
Run linter yarn lint
Run linter and fix all fixable issues yarn lint:fix
Build packages yarn build
Run the component generator yarn create-component


  1. Confirm that all checks are green on CI.
  2. Run git checkout main
  3. Run
yarn create-releases

# or, if there are breaking changes
yarn create-releases:breaking

to bump the package versions, create new git tags, and create git commits. The packages are not published, yet.

  1. Confirm that the git tags, git commits, and changelog updates look correct.
  2. Run yarn publish-releases to publish the packages to the NPM registry.
  3. Push commits and tags to the git remote with git push origin --tags && git push origin main

Before the first time you publish, make sure to:

  • set up Two Factor Authentication for your npm account
  • run npm login in your terminal to generate an access token for publishing

Note on versioning

We are currently using a modified form of semver where:

  • Breaking changes update the minor version
  • All other changes (new features, fixes, etc.) update the patch version

Once we publish major version 1, we will begin following conventional semver.

Project Status

This project is under active development. If you would like to contribute, check out the contribution guidelines or open an issue.

This project is governed under the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

Reporting Security Issues

See our Security Readme.