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Charged Particles Universe - Subgraph v1.3.10

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Charged Particles are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are minted with an Underlying Asset (ex: DAI) and accrue interest via an Interest-bearing token (ex: Aave's aDAI) giving the Token a "Charge".

Coming Soon:

  • Compound - cTokens
  • mStable - mTokens
  • yEarn - yTokens

Production Site (Beta, Ropsten Only)



Particle Value
Intrinsic Value (underlying asset, DAI)
Speculative Value (non-fungible rarity)
Interest value (accrued in aDAI)

Value Appreciation

Imagine a Babe Ruth rookie card that was stuffed with $1 and earning interest since 1916! The same might be true of a Charged Particle NFT in 100 years!


Charged Particles are non-custodial NFTs that can be "discharged" at any time by the owner, collecting the interest from the token. And just like any NFT, they are yours trade, transfer, sell, etc.

They can also be burned (melted) to reclaim the underlying DAI + interest in full, destroying the token. Charged Particles, therefore, always have an underlying value in DAI.

Custom Mechanics

Based on the amount of "charge" a token has, Smart Contracts and/or Dapps can decide how to handle the token - custom mechanics can be designed around the level of "Charge" a token has.

Imagine an NFT that represents a Sword - the power of that sword could be dependant on the amount of "Charge" the token has. Or perhaps certain items can only be used once they reach a certain level of charge.

Other possibilities include battling over the "charge" of a particle - the winner earns the interest from their competitor's particles. (Still trying to work this part out, ideas are welcome!)

Particle Accelerator

  • Fully-decentralized Public Particle Minting & Energizing Station

Feedback & Contributions

Feel free to fork and/or use in your own projects!

And, of course, contributions are always welcome!


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yarn clean && yarn prepare:kovan && yarn gen:kovan && yarn deploy:kovan-dev

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