Convert csv files into kepler location csv files

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  import charlieevettKeplerize from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@charlieevett/keplerize';



A command line tool for converting BiqQuery exports into files for Kepler.gl

This tool reads exports of Zagster 'features' in the routes table and outputs a csv file with each feature turned into a single point with a timestamp


You should be able to install this from npm:

npm install -g @charlieevett/keplerize


Run from the command line:

$ keplerize --input routes.csv --output forKepler.csv

You provide the path to the input file after --input and the path to the output file after --output

Exporting files from BigQuery

The script expects csv files of the form:

id, features
afsc, "[{""geometry"": { ""coordinates"": [...

So the first column should be the route _id, and the second column the "features" field.

The cmd will then output a file with id, lattitude, longtude, timestamp columns.

The output can then be directly uploaded into Kepler.gl