CheaprEats Typescript SDK

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  import cheapreatsTsSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cheapreats/ts-sdk';


CheaprEats TypeScript SDK

npm version Documentation

CheaprEats TypeScript SDK

$ npm install @cheapreats/ts-sdk

Using the Published SDK Version

import CE, { Enums } from '@cheapreats/ts-sdk';

Using the SDK Locally

Locally importing is used typically while testing new SDK method implementations.

First build the package npm run build

Make sure src/enums.ts exists. If it does not, run npm run transpile (must be logged in to Github package registry)

import CE, { Enums } from 'path/to/ts-sdk/root';

Root folder is fine, it is not necessary to add /dist

When updating type definitions, please use src/enums rather than handcrafting your own enums when possible

If enum is not in src/enums, consider adding it to graphql-api if it would benefit backend

Example Usage

import CE, { Enums } from '@cheapreats/ts-sdk';


.then(verification_request_id => console.log("SMS Sent", verification_request_id))
.catch(e => console.log(e));


Auto-generating code for New Mutation

The npm run add:mutation <Object>.<methodName> command auto-generates code for the Object and methodName passed.

For example - npm run add:mutation Category.batchArchive

Publishing to NPM

Ensure that package version in feature branch is ahead of master branch, otherwise publish will fail


By default package is automatically published anytime a change is made on master


If package is to be published manually, execute following commands:

  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • npm publish