A utility script to seed data in your Chec account from .json files

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  import checSeeder from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chec/seeder';


Chec Seeder

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A small utility to help with seeding data in your Chec dashboard


npm install @chec/seeder


You can define following properties as environment variables:

  • CHEC_SECRET_KEY - (required) - Your Chec secret API key.
  • CHEC_API_URL - (optional) - API URL, defaults to api.chec.io.


As a NPM script

Add a seed command to your package.json

    "scripts": {
        "seed": "chec-seed path/to/json/files"

Global usage

This script can be installed globally:

npm install -g @chec/seeder

Then you can use this helper outside of a project to seed data easily, like so:

chec-seeder path/to/json/files

Within code

You can also use this package within your Node.js projects:

const seed = require('@chec/seeder');