Checkup's core library

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Checkup: A health checkup for your project

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:warning: Checkup is pre-release and still in active development.

Checkup allows you to ask questions and get answers that can help drive maintenance decisions. It runs tasks to gather information about the craftsmanship and quality of your codebase. Task results are output as SARIF, which provides a consistent schema for data processing, and can be integrated into your development workflow through IDE integrations.

Checkup sample output

As mentioned, Checkup can help you with making maintenance and resourcing decisions, planning and prioritizing the general health of your codebase. You devise the important information you care about, and Checkup provides the infrastructure to gather and output that data.

Tasks can gather information about

  • code structure
  • dependency health
  • test health
  • API compatability
  • API migration status
  • anything else you can dream up :bulb:


  • Task Runner CLI - A CLI that runs tasks that can be loaded via plugins.
  • Code Generators - A collection of generators allowing you to generate a checkup config file, plugin project structure, and task files and tests.
  • Plugins - Existing plugins for JavaScript, Ember, and Ember Octane.


See the CLI README for information on usage.

Installation and Contributing

To contribute to Checkup, you'll need to clone and setup the repository. See the installation documentation to start. To contribute, please read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.


Read more about the mission, vision, and overall direction of checkup in the spec document.