The CheesecakeLabs commitizen adapter for Jira Smart Commits

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<script type="module">
  import cheesecakelabsCzCklJiraSmartCommit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cheesecakelabs/cz-ckl-jira-smart-commit';



A commitizen adapter for Jira smart commits.



Global Installation

For a quick global installation of the plugin, simply run the install.sh script present in this repo:

chmod +x install.sh


Add this adapter

Install this adapter

npm install @cheesecakelabs/cz-ckl-jira-smart-commit

For usage you can:

  • Reference it in your .cz.json of your project
  "path": "node_modules/@cheesecakelabs/cz-ckl-jira-smart-commit/"
  • Add config inside your package.json
  /* ... */
  "config": {
    "commitizen": {
      "path": "./node_modules/@cheesecakelabs/cz-ckl-jira-smart-commit/"
  • Use commitizen to init
commitizen init @cheesecakelabs/cz-ckl-jira-smart-commit

Day to day work

Instead of git commit -m 'Your message', you type: git cz with this adapter and it prompts you for:

  • Jira Issue Key(s);
  • commit message;

And generates your commit based on that.