Module to dump DynamoDB data to ElasticSearch indexes.

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A NPM module that will dump all DynamoDB data to AWS ElasticSearch indices.

What this does

There's no blueprint in AWS Lambda that allows to dump DynamoDB data into ElasticSearch. This module will facilitate exactly that.


$ npm install dynamodb-to-elasticsearch

Guide to configure AWS to use this blueprint


module.exec (table, region, es_endpoint, es_data = { id: 'sortKey', type: 'datatype', indiceName: ''})

Parameter Type Description
table string Table name of dynamoDB whose data you want to dump in elastic-search.
indiceName string indice name of elastic-search on which you can perform query.
region string dynamodb table region
es_endpoint string elastic-search endpoint
es_data object
es_data.id object The name of primaryKey field for DynamoDB table. It should be unique identifier for documents. By default it is set to sortKey.
es_data.type object Name of class of objects, which document represents. By default it is set to datatype.
es_data.indiceName object Index name of elastic-search on which you can perform query.

Working locally

When working on a Dynamodb running on localhost, make sure the IS_OFFLINE environment varible is set to true. The default port will be 8000 but it can be overriden by LOCAL_DYNAMODB_PORT environment variable.


const d2es = require('dynamodb-to-elasticsearch');

const table = 'table',
  region = 'region',
  es_endpoint = 'es_endpoint_value',
  es_data = { id: 'sortKey', type: 'data', indiceName: 'candidates' }};

exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {
  d2es.exec(table, region, es_endpoint, es_data, (err, success) => {
    if (err) {
      callback(err, null);
    } else {
      callback(null, success);