Tool for converting CIF to JSON and manipulate with content

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  import chemistryCif2Json from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chemistry/cif-2-json';



npm version GitHub Build Status License: MIT

Library that Convert CIF file to JSON and support manipulations

Contains following tools:

  • cif to json
  • filter json (omit some fields)
  • find loop by type
  • normalize string
  • preform basic check
  • library of unit cells

How to Use

import { parse } from '@chemistry/cif-2-json';
const jcif = parse(cifContent);
console.log(JSON.strngify(jcif, null, 4));

Technical details:

  • Zero Dependency
  • Performance optimizations


  • Build project: npm run build

Libraries used


  • Volodymyr Vreshch vreshch@gmail.com