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Microservice to collect encrypted analytics & process metadata.

Chiffre.io Transparency Initiative

This service is where the encrypted visitor data arrives on the Chiffre analytics platform. As we believe transparency is paramount in providing a privacy-first service, we're keeping this repository public as a "no trick up our sleeve" promise.

Here, most events are collected using two methods:

  • POST with the encrypted payload in the body
  • GET with the encrypted payload in a query string argument

The first one is preferred by the tracker script, and uses either fetch or sendBeacon, depending on context and availability.

If neither are available or fail, the tracker script falls back to an <img> tag, which uses the GET route with the payload in the query string.


Clients without JavaScript enabled cannot generate end-to-end encrypted payloads. In order to count them in without revealing too much, we generate an encrypted message on the fly on the server on their behalf, containing only the following information:

  • Event type (session:noscript)
  • Time of the request
  • Country of origin (2-letter ISO country code, given by CloudFlare)

That's it. We explicitly do not reveal the path or user-agent, even though we technically could, as a desire to respect the visitor's privacy (we consider disabling JavaScript as the ultimate protection against tracking).