simple AngularJS markdown directive with showdown

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<script type="module">
  import chinchillaSoftwareAngularMarkdownDirective from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chinchilla-software/angular-markdown-directive';


angular-markdown-directive Build Status

Bower Component for a simple AngularJS Markdown directive using Showdown. Based on this excellent tutorial by @johnlinquist.


  1. bower install angular-markdown-directive
  2. Include angular-sanitize.js. It should be located at bower_components/angular-sanitize/.
  3. Include showdown.js. It should be located at bower_components/showdown/.
  4. Include markdown.js provided by this component into your app.
  5. Add btford.markdown as a module dependency to your app.
  6. Insert the btf-markdown directive into your template:
<btf-markdown>#Markdown directive *It works!*</btf-markdown>

You can also bind the markdown input to a scope variable:

<div btf-markdown="markdown">
<!-- Uses $scope.markdown -->

Or include a markdown file:

<div btf-markdown ng-include="'README.md'">
<!-- Uses content from README.md -->


You can configure the markdownConverterProvider:

angular.module('myApp', [
config(['markdownConverterProvider', function (markdownConverterProvider) {
  // options to be passed to Showdown
  // see: https://github.com/coreyti/showdown#extensions
    extensions: ['twitter']