chitchat.js CLI. A Javascript framework to build Alexa Skills expriences easily.

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🤖 JavaScript framework for building voice user interfaces for Alexa Skills. | 📄 Read the documentation

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Chitchat requires the following dependencies:

Quick Start

1. Installation

npm i -g @chitchatjs/cli

2. Creating a new project

# then choose a starting template
cjs new

3. Build the project

# tsc only if it is a typescript project
tsc && cjs build

4. Deploy

cjs deploy

5. And test..

You can either go to Alexa Developer Console and open your skill and then go to the test tab. Or you can use ask dialog command to test your dialog in CLI itself.

cd pkg
ask dialog --l en-US

U> open my skill
A> hello world!


  1. chitchat.js core library
  2. chitchat.js alexa library
  3. chitchat.js cli

Sample Skills

  1. Hello bot
  2. Dog Matcher
  3. High log game
  4. Coffee shop
  5. Workout Buddy


  1. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-common
  2. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-session
  3. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-display
  4. @chitchatjs/plugin-ax-card

Check the official documentation of available building blocks and much more here - https://chitchat.js.org/