Hazelcast - open source In-Memory Data Grid - client for Node.js

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  import chiwHazelcastClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chiw/hazelcast-client';


This client version is forked from https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-nodejs-client/


Hazelcast is an open-source distributed in-memory data store and computation platform that provides a wide variety of distributed data structures and concurrency primitives.

Hazelcast Node.js client is a way to communicate to Hazelcast IMDG clusters and access the cluster data. The client provides a Promise-based API with a builtin support for native JavaScript objects.


Hazelcast Node.js client requires a working Hazelcast IMDG cluster to run. This cluster handles the storage and manipulation of the user data.

A Hazelcast IMDG cluster consists of one or more cluster members. These members generally run on multiple virtual or physical machines and are connected to each other via the network. Any data put on the cluster is partitioned to multiple members transparent to the user. It is therefore very easy to scale the system by adding new members as the data grows. Hazelcast IMDG cluster also offers resilience. Should any hardware or software problem causes a crash to any member, the data on that member is recovered from backups and the cluster continues to operate without any downtime.

The quickest way to start a single member cluster for development purposes is to use our Docker images.

docker run -p 5701:5701 hazelcast/hazelcast:4.0.2

You can also use our ZIP or TAR distributions as described here.


npm i @chiw/hazelcast-client