A minimalist state machine in Typescript

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  import chktStates from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chkt/states';


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npm install @chkt/states


states is a minimalistic state machine consisting of declared and undeclared states, written in typescript. Each named state consists of a transform function and a list of one or more target states.

When transitioning from one state to the next, the transform function of the current state is run. Its return value will determine the next target state.

Undeclared states represent states without any targets to transition into.

import * as assert from 'assert';
import * as states from '@chkt/states';

const map = states.create({
    state : {
        transform : (context, next) => Promise.resolve(next.default(context)),
        targets : [{ id : 'undeclared_state' }]

const contextToState = states.bindContextToState(map, 'state');
const end = contextToState({ foo : 'bar' });

assert.deepStrictEqual(end, {
    id : 'unnamed_state',
    context : { foo : 'bar' }