Custom angular schematics for Angular 11 development w/ homebrew starter template.

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  import chollenbeckNgc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chollenbeck/ngc';


NGC Schematics

Angular Version


Angular schematics designed to work with a homebrewed Angular seed project. Most operations adhere to the standard /src/app directory flow, but some files such as services make use of shared resources not included in this package.

Schematics included for both RESTful API and Google's Firebase platform. Both schematics share the same interface schematic, but have seperate form, list, manage, and service configurations.


Please submit any and all issues/enhancements to Github. I monitor the repo multiple times a week and usually respond to requests within a few days.


Please use the following versions based on which AppWorks Core Template is being used.

AppWorks Core NGC
1.11.1 4.x.x
1.11.0 3.15.x
1.5.2 <= 3.14.x


This package is best used a dev dependency and can be installed via NPM with the following command: npm install --save-dev @chollenbeck/ngc@latest

Recommended package.json scripts

The double hash on the end of the script allows arguments to apply to the ng g action vs the npm run action. Add/Remove functions and rename as needed.

"scripts": {
    "ngc:form": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-form-subscription -- ",
    "ngc:table": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-table -- ",
    "ngc:c": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component -- ",
    "ngc:ce": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-export -- ",
    "ngc:list:fire": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-list-firebase --",
    "ngc:list:http": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-list-http --",
    "ngc:manage:fire": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-manage-firebase --",
    "ngc:manage:http": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:component-manage-http --",
    "ngc:f:http": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:feature-http --",
    "ngc:f:fire": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:feature-firebase --",
    "ngc:i": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:interface --",
    "ngc:s:http": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:service-http -- ",
    "ngc:s:fire": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:service-http -- ",
    "ngc:s:fire": "ng g @chollenbeck/ngc:service-firebase --


This package uses symantic versioning and follows these guidelines:

  • Major | Newly added schematic or removal of an existing schematic.
  • Minor | Schematic functionality tweaks to templates or chained schematics. May include renaming of schematics which will BREAK previous versions.
  • Patch | Bugfix or non functional enhancements such as comments or syntax fixes in templates.

Schematics List

Each schematic is run with space separated arguments and includes prompts for any missing arguments. The only required argument is the module name, which can be used to autofill the rest of the prompts with a blank entry (press enter with no input).

Component and Service schematics have two flavors to cover RESTful API integrations and Firebase Cloud Platform.

  • Module
  • Model
  • C.R.U.D Feature
  • Component Blank
  • Component Table
  • Component Form
  • Component List
  • Component Manage
  • Service

Firebase vs RESTful API flavors

Firebase RESTful
Service Call Observable/Promise Promise

Module & Routing

Generates a new folder and module file under /src/app/+feature. The + character is added automatically to the module folder name upon generation. The new module folder also contains a routes folder for component route configurations.

Example: npm run ngc:module my-feature

CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/my-feature.module.ts
CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/routes/my-feature.routes.module.ts
CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/routes/my-feature.routes.names.ts


Generates a .ts file with the {interface-name}.model.ts naming convention in a models folder inside the designated feature folder.

Example: npm run ngc:class my-feature interface-name

CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/models/interface-name.model.ts


A blank component with a few default services added to the constructor. Also registers the component with the module and routes files if they exist. This does not generate any spec/test files or scss unlike the standard angular schematic.

Example: npm run ngc:component my-feature my-component

CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/+my-component/my-component.component.ts
CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/+my-component/my-component.component.html
UPDATE /src/app/+my-feature/routes/my-feature.routes.module.ts
UPDATE /src/app/+my-feature/routes/my-feature.routes.names.ts
UPDATE /src/app/+my-feature/my-feature.module.ts


A mostly blank service that extends an IService interface for OOP re-use vs generating the same boilerplate code for each feature. The generated file also includes the super() call with default values. Services are all decorated with providedIn: root.

Example: npm run ngc:service my-feature my-service

CREATE /src/app/+my-feature/services/my-service.service.ts