Upload and Download files to Bitcoin Cash blockchain with Node

Usage no npm install needed!

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bitcoinfiles-node is a JavaScript Library for building transactions for Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP). Methods for uploading and downloading files are provided per the BFP specification. For convenience, BITBOX network functionality has been built into the library.

Other tools using the Bitcoin Files Protocol include:



For node.js

npm install bitcoinfiles-node

For browser

<script src='https://unpkg.com/bitcoinfiles'></script>

Example File Download

const Bfp = require('bitcoinfiles').bfp;
const bfp = new Bfp();

// 1 - download file using URI
let result;
(async function(){
    result = await bfp.downloadFile('bitcoinfile:7e4600323c934926369c136562f5483e3df79baf087c8dd2b0ed1aea69d5ee49');
    console.log("download complete.");

// Wait for download to complete -- Mario.png TAKES ABOUT 6 SEC TO DOWNLOAD!

// 2 - result includes a boolean check telling you if the file's sha256 matches the file's metadata```
    console.log("Success: downloaded file sha256 matches file's metadata");

// 3 - do something with the file...
let fileBuffer = result.fileBuf;

Example File Upload

Below is a simple example. For a more complete React.js file upload example visit SimpleToken.cash website

const Bfp = require('bitcoinfiles').bfp;
const Network = require('bitcoinfiles').network;
const BITBOX = require('bitcoinfiles').bitbox;

const bfp = new Bfp();
const network = new Network();

// 1 - get a file and file metadata somehow 
const someFileBuffer = new Buffer.from('aabbccddeeff', 'hex');
const fileName = 'a test file';
const fileExt = 'txt';
const fileSize = someFileBuffer.length
const fileSha256Hex = BITBOX.Crypto.sha256(someFileBuffer).toString('hex');

// 2 - estimate upload cost for funding the transaction
let config = {
    msgType: 1,
    chunkCount: 1,
    fileName: fileName,
    fileExt: fileExt,
    fileSize: fileSize,
    fileSha256Hex: fileSha256Hex,
    prevFileSha256Hex: null,
    fileUri: null,
    chunkData: null  // chunk not needed for cost estimate stage
let uploadCost = Bfp.calculateFileUploadCost(fileSize, config);
console.log('upload cost: ', uploadCost);

// 3 - create a funding transaction
let fundingAddress = 'bitcoincash:qqgvrkm0xpmwqgyhfm65qxv70tjtwma6lgk07ffv9u'
let fundingWif = 'KzcuA9xnDRrb9cPh29N7EQbBhQQLMWtcrDwKbEMoahmwBNACNRfa'

// 4 - Make sure address above is funded with the amount equal to the uploadCost
let fundingUtxo;

(async function(){
    let txo = await network.getLastUtxoWithRetry(fundingAddress);
    console.log('got funding Utxo.')

// wait for network to resolve...

// 5 - upload the file
let fileId;
(async function(){
 fileId = await bfp.uploadFile(fundingUtxo, fundingAddress, fundingWif, someFileBuffer, fileName, fileExt);
 console.log('fileId: ', fileId);

// wait for upload to complete resolve... Done.

Get File Metadata

const bfp = require('bitcoinfiles');

let metadata;
(async function(){
    metadata = await bfp.bitdb.getFileMetadata("dc76c5bd116fd61713c5b454b393212e33a1b2a8c926dcc40261f955d59b8e90","qrg3fvfue463rc5genp2kyrj4mg6g2lpxst0y4wamw");
    console.log('metadata: ', metadata);

// metadata : 
// { filename: 'tes158',
//        fileext: '.json',
//        size: '017a',
//        sha256: '018321383bf2672befe28629d1e159af812260268a8aa77bbd4ec27489d65b58',
//        prev_sha256: '',
//        ext_uri: '' }