Scrapes channel stats from arris status page

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  import chriskinsmanArrisStatus from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chriskinsman/arris-status';


Arris Status

I found myself wanting to track the status of the QAM channels on my Arris Surfboard 8200 cable modem over time. I couldn't find an API for it that returned JSON. This package does a simple scrape of the status page and returns the downstream and upstream channels as json.


const status = require('arris-status');
const channels = await status.get(';

Returned object

The return object if of the shape:

    downstream: [
            channelId: '21',
            lockStatus: 'Locked',
            modulation: 'QAM256',
            frequency: '657000000',
            power: '1.6',
            SNRMER: '36.1',
            corrected: '473',
            uncorrected: '53'
    upstream: [
            channel: '3',
            channelId: '5',
            lockStatus: 'Locked',
            usChannelType: 'SC-QAM',
            frequency: '30400000',
            width: '6400000',
            power: '48.0'

This structure closely matches the table structure of the status page for my firmware version.