For FEW 2.1 (Advanced Javascript) at Make School. Assignment #1.

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String Library Project

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For FEW 2.1 (Advanced Javascript) at Make School. Assignment #1. v1.2.4

Built with Javascript ES6 (Vanilla)


A library of reusable code that operates on strings. Strings are one of the most common data types to work with. These functions solve the problems below:

  1. capitalize() makes the first character of a given string Uppercase.
  2. allCaps() makes all characters in a string UPPERCASE.
  3. capitalizeWords() Capitalizes The First Letter Of Each Word in a string.
  4. removeExtraSpaces() removes any --extra spaces and whitespace-- in a string.
  5. kebobCase() converts a string to kebob-case and sets the string to lowercase. Any seperator can be added as a second parameter.
  6. snakeCase() converts a string to snake_case and sets the string to lowercase.
  7. camelCase() converts a string to camelCase.
  8. shiftChar() takes the first letter of a string and moves it to the end of a string.
  9. makeHashTag() converts a string into a #HashTagString with a maximum of 3 words and capitalizes each word.
  10. isEmpty() returns true if the string only contains whitespace.


$ node src/index to run program in console


  1. Added prototype methods
  2. Published to NPM
  3. Updated to Readme (Badges, Version, Function Names & NPM package link)
  4. Added unit test with 'Jest' Library