A react native emoji selector

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import christiandreyReactNativeEmojiSelector from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@christiandrey/react-native-emoji-selector';



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npm install --save react-native-emoji-selector
import EmojiSelector from 'react-native-emoji-selector'


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Basic usage

    onEmojiSelected={emoji => console.log(emoji)}

Setting a default category

If you'd like to define a different default category, you can import the Categories class.

import EmojiSelector, { Categories } from 'react-native-emoji-selector';

    onEmojiSelected={emoji => console.log(emoji)}

The available categories are all, people, nature, food, activities, places, objects, symbols, and flags.


Prop Type Default Description
onEmojiSelected func Function called when a user selects an Emoji
theme string 007AFF Theme color used for loaders and active tab indicator
showTabs bool true Toggle the tabs on or off
showSearchBar bool true Toggle the searchbar on or off
showHistory bool false Toggle the history tab on or off
category enum .all Set the default category. Use the Categories class
columns number 6 Number of columns accross

To do

  • Improve performance of switching tabs
  • Show loaders when loading a category