Churchill elastic transport

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  import churchillElastic from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@churchill/elastic';


Elastic transport

Index your logged data to elasticsearch.

npm install @churchill/elastic @elastic/elasticsearch@^7.0.0


const churchill = require("@churchill/core");
const Elastic = require("@churchill/elastic");

const elasticTransport = Elastic.create({
  node: "http://localhost:9200",
  index: "churchill-logs",
  format: info => ({
    level: info.level,
    namespace: info.namespace,
    timestamp: info.timestamp,
    payload: JSON.stringify(info.args)
elasticTransport.on("error", (err) => {
  // ... you should handle errors

const createNamespace = churchill({
  transports: [elasticTransport]

const logger = createNamespace("worker:1");


Option Description Example
client Elasticsearch client (or just pass a node URL) new Client({ node: "..." })
node Elasticsearch node URL { node: "http://localhost:9200" }
index Index where to store logs. churchill-log
format Custom formatting function. { format: (info, out, logger) => ... }
maxLevel Max level to log into this transport. { maxLevel: "warn" }


Name Params Description
error error: Error Emited when indexing throws an Error