Churchill file transport

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  import churchillFile from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@churchill/file';


File transport

Log to a file on the same machine. You must specify a filename where to store the logs. Note that the folder must exists before hand.


npm install @churchill/file


const churchill = require("@churchill/core");
const File = require("@churchill/file");

const errorFileLog = File.create({ filename: "temp/error.log", maxLevel: "error" }),
fileTransport.on("error", (err) => {
  // ... you should handle errors

const combinedFileLog = File.create({ filename: "temp/combined.log", maxLevel: "info" })
combinedFileLog.on("error", (err) => {
  // ... you should handle errors

const createNamespace = churchill({
  transports: [errorFileLog, combinedFileLog]

const logger = createNamespace("worker:1");


Option Description Example
filename Filename to log into { filename: "error.log" }
format Custom formatting function. { format: (info, out, logger) => ... }
maxLevel Max level to log into this transport. { maxLevel: "warn" }


Name Params Description
error error: Error Emited when the destination emits an Error or there is backpressure from the destination stream
drain streamName: string When the destination stream is able to accept new messages


Name Description
end(): Promise Closes the destination stream