Run build scripts only when files changed

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  import chuyikBuildIfChanged from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chuyik/build-if-changed';



Build your packages only if they changed since the last build.


How it works

  1. Look for package.json modules in the working directory, ignoring any node_modules directories by default. Any local .gitignore is also respected.

  2. Crawl the package and generate SHA-1 hashes from every watched file. These hashes are stored in the .bic_cache file next to each package.json module.

  3. If any .bic_cache files are outdated, then bic will execute npm run build in the relevant packages.



  1. Install the package:
yarn add build-if-changed -D
  1. Edit your package.json module to customize the behavior:
// Only watch the "src" directory:
"bic": ["src/**"],
// Any glob can be included or excluded:
"bic": { "only": [], "skip": [] },
// Disable bic for a package:
"bic": false,
  1. Use the package:
yarn bic
yarn bic --help
yarn bic --dir some-dir
yarn bic --ignore some-name



  • The skip config takes precedence over the only config.
  • The .git and node_modules directories are always skipped.
  • This tool uses a custom glob syntax (see here).