This package allow to quickly create basic .circleci config and send files from local dir to remote ftp server

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import chvrchbvrner26FtpDeploy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chvrchbvrner26/ftp-deploy';



Quick way to deploy your app to ftp server.

How to use


npm i @chvrchbvrner26/ftp-deploy

yarn add @chvrchbvrner26/ftp-deploy

In order this to work you need to create few enviromental variables:

  • FTP_HOST=ftp.example.com
  • FTP_USER=user
  • FTP_PASSWD=password
  • REMOTE_DIR=/path/to/folder/on/server/
  • LOCAL_DIR=/path/to/local/folder

If you don't specify LOCAL_DIR /public folder will be used. Not specifing any other variable will cause error when script will try to connect to server

Cli usage

  • ftp-deloy --help
  • ftp-deploy - will start script that sends files to server. (Earlier you have to specify env variables like is showed above)
  • ftp-deploy --addConfig - this add circleci config to your project that install depencies, build your app and start ftp-deploy. If you already have created config this will overwrite it.
  • ftp-deploy --packageManager - only have any effect with flag --addConfig. You can specify wich package manager you want to use to build project on circleci. Yarn is default one and you can also use npm.