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AWOS-JS: Wrapper For Aliyun OSS And Amazon S3


awos for golang: https://github.com/shimohq/awos


  • same usage and methods for aws & oss, pretty convenient!
  • add retry strategy
  • avoid 404 status code:
    • get(key: string, metaKeys?: string[]): Promise<IGetObjectResponse | null> will return null when object not exist
    • head(key: string): Promise<Map<string, string> | null> will null when object not exist


npm i awos-js --save

how to use

// for typescript
import AWOS from 'awos-js';

// for js
const AWOS = require('awos-js');

for Aliyun OSS

const client = new AWOS.Client({
  type: 'oss',
  ossOptions: {
    accessKeyId: 'accessKeyId',
    accessKeySecret: 'accessKeySecret',
    bucket: 'bucket',
    endpoint: 'endpoint'

for Amazon S3(minio)

const client = new AWOS.Client({
  type: 'aws',
  awsOptions: {
    accessKeyId: 'accessKeyId',
    secretAccessKey: 'secretAccessKey',
    bucket: 'bucket',
    // when use minio, S3ForcePathStyle must be set true
    // when use aws, endpoint is unnecessary and region must be set
    region: 'region',
    endpoint: 'endpoint',
    s3ForcePathStyle: true

the available operation´╝Ü

get(key: string, metaKeys?: string[]): Promise<IGetObjectResponse | null>;
getAsBuffer(key: string, metaKeys: string[]): Promise<IGetBufferedObjectResponse | null>;
put(key: string, data: string | Buffer, options?: IPutObjectOptions): Promise<void>;
del(key: string): Promise<void>;
delMulti(keys: string[]): Promise<string[]>; // return keys not deleted
head(key: string): Promise<Map<string, string> | null>;
listObject(key: string, options?: IListObjectOptions): Promise<string[]>;
listDetails(key: string, options?: IListObjectOptions): Promise<IListObjectOutput>;
signatureUrl(key: string, options?: ISignatureUrlOptions): Promise<string | null>;
copy(key: string, source: string, options?: ICopyObjectOptions): Promise<void>;

Change Log

  • v2.0.0 / 2020-06-18

    • Breaking
      • conbine parameters meta,contentType,headers of AWOS.put into options
    • add headers option support for put method
  • v1.0.4 / 2019-12-26

    • support buffer in get and put operation
  • v1.0.3 / 2019-03-28

    • put() support contentType params
  • v1.0.2 / 2019-03-26

    • support signatureUrl() operation
  • v1.0.1 / 2019-03-19

    • bug fix: oss listObject() should return [] when options.prefix not exist in the bucket; oss listObject() maxKeys not working