CLI for Citation.js.

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CLI for Citation.js.

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npm install --global @citation-js/cli


Usage: citation-js [options]

  -h, --help                         output usage information
  -V, --version                      output the version number

  -i, --input <path>                 Input file. If all input options are omitted, it uses stdin
  -t, --text <string>                Input text. If all input options are omitted, it uses stdin
  -u, --url <string>                 Deprecated in favor of -t, --text. If all input options are omitted, it uses stdin
  -o, --output <path>                Output file (omit file extension). If this option is omitted, the output is written to stdout
  --pipe                             Pipe and transform from stdin to stdout

  -R, --output-non-real              Output as a text file
  -f, --output-type <option>         Output structure type: string, html, json (default: "json")
  -s, --output-style <option>        Output scheme. A combination of --output-format json and --output-style citation-* is considered invalid. Options: csl (Citation Style Lanugage JSON), bibtex, citation-* (where * is any formatting style) (default: "csl")
  -l, --output-language <option>     Output language. [RFC 5646](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5646) codes (default: "en-US")

  --log-level <level>                Log level: silent, error, warn, info, debug, http (default: "warn")

  --plugins <names>                  Plugin names (@citation-js/plugin-NAME); bibjson, bibtex, csl, doi, ris & wikidata are preloaded (default: [])
  --plugin-config <config>           @plugin.property.path=value;... (default: [])
  --formatter-options <config>       property.path=value;... (default: [])

  --no-input-generate-graph          Do not include the parsing graph in CSL output
  --input-force-type <type>          Force parsing as a certain type
  --input-max-chain-length <number>  Set the maximal number of parsing iterations
  --no-input-strict                  Do not use the strict parsing mode
  --input-target <type>              Stop parsing when a certain type is reached


Input can be read from stdin, passed as a file with -i, --input <path> or, for simple IDs, as plain text with -t, --text or the deprecated alias -u, --url.

$ echo "Q30000000" > input.txt

$ cat input.txt | citation-js
[{"title": "The Synergistic Activity ...", ...}]

$ citation-js --input input.txt
[{"title": "The Synergistic Activity ...", ...}]

$ citation-js --text Q30000000
[{"title": "The Synergistic Activity ...", ...}]


The CLI outputs to stdout by default, but can write to a file with the -o, --output option.

$ citation-js --text Q30000000
[{"title": "The Synergistic Activity ...", ...}]

$ citation-js -t Q30000000 -o output
$ more output.json
[{"title": "The Synergistic Activity ...", ...}]

Note: the file extension is determined automatically, and should therefore be omitted in the -o option. To force a file extension, simply omit -o and redirect stdout to the preferred file.

Output Format

To format the output, use the -R, -s, -f and -l options. These options map to the old output options.

CLI option Default value Other values
-R, --output-non-real omitted (real) present (string, plain text)
-f, --output-type json json, string
-s, --output-style csl citation-*, bibtex, bibtxt, data
-l, --output-language en-US es-ES, fr-FR, du-DU, nl-NL

For example, to format doi:10.5281/zenodo.1005176 in French in the APA format:

$ citation-js -t 10.5281/zenodo.1005176 -f string -s citation-apa -l fr-FR

Willighagen, L., & Willighagen, E. (2017,  octobre 9). Larsgw/Citation.Js V0.3.3. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1005176