Citation.js plugin to fetch ISBN metadata

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import citationJsPluginIsbn from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@citation-js/plugin-isbn';



npm install @citation-js/plugin-isbn


Make a build with @citation-js/plugin-isbn on the build tool!


Install the plugin by require-ing it:



Formats and other features added by this plugin.

ISBN identifiers

  • ISBN-10 (@isbn/isbn-10)
  • ISBN-13 (@isbn/isbn-13)
  • ISBN-A (actionable ISBN, @isbn/isbn-a)

Google Books API

One of the few public, free APIs to resolve ISBNs is the Google Books API. It returns volumes, which contain information on the

  • authors,
  • entity type (magazine or book),
  • categories/keywords,
  • description,
  • dimensions,
  • language,
  • page count,
  • publisher,
  • title,
  • publication date, and
  • a (Google Books) URL.

For the heck of it, this plugin also support creating API responses from existing metadata. This benefits no one.

Open Library API

The other API used in this plugin is the Open Library Books API. It returns the following information:

  • authors,
  • page count,
  • publisher,
  • publication date,
  • publication place,
  • keywords,
  • title, and
  • URL.