Site main menu component

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import cityofdetroitDetroitMainMenu from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu';




Site main menu component


To use this web component in your project you can utilize one of the following styles of syntax.

/* In an existing JS module / web component */
import '@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu/detroit-main-menu.js';
/* At top of an application with build routine */
<script type="module" src="@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu/detroit-main-menu.js"></script>
/* Alternatives for top of application */
<script type="module">
  import '@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu/detroit-main-menu.js';
  // imperative form
  import {DetroitMainMenu} from '@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu';
  // if you don't have a build routine and need to reference directly
  import './node_modules/@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu/detroit-main-menu.js';
// via unpkg CDN (good for testing)
<script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/@cityofdetroit/detroit-main-menu/detroit-main-menu.js"></script>

Develop / Demo

Run yarn start will start a local development server, open your default browser to display it, open your finder to the correct window and start watching the /src directory for changes and automatically rebuilding the element and documentation site for the demo.

$ yarn start


$ yarn run test


Builds ensure that wcfactory can correctly compile your web component project to work on the maximum number of browsers possible.

$ yarn run build


  1. Fork it! git clone git@github.com:CityOfDetroit/web-components.git
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -m 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D

Code style

Main (and all web-components) use Prettier to auto-format JS and JSON. The style rules get applied when you commit a change. If you choose to, you can integrate your editor with Prettier to have the style rules applied on every save.


MIT License