A Vue.js component for data-rich applications

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  import cityofphiladelphiaAppboard from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cityofphiladelphia/appboard';



Appboard is a framework for building data-rich applications for the City of Philadelphia. It can be used as a template for creating any application which presents information about an address and for which a map is not required. (If a map is required, use Mapboard.)

The data returned is presented in the body of the application using components of the library phila-vue-comps, such as Vertical Tables or Horizontal Tables, etc. These components may be placed right in the body of the page, or within different "topics" which can be opened and closed. A TopicSet can exist next to other permanent components.

Appboard uses all of the functions of the library phila-vue-datafetch, allowing it to return data based on any address.



Check out the wiki for usage documentation.


To publish a new version of Appboard to NPM:

  1. Commit your changes to master.
  2. Bump the NPM version with npm version major|minor|patch.
  3. Push with tags: git push && git push --tags.
  4. Update wiki docs to reflect new version and/or dependency changes.

Travis will now run a build and publish to NPM.