An unofficial DocuShare API for NodeJS

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An unofficial DocuShare API for NodeJS, wrapped around the official Java API.

Node-docushare relies on node-java-caller to run simple Java programs written using dsJQuery, a Java project which simplifies the official DocuShare API.


npm install @cityssm/docushare

Node-docushare requires Java 12 or better. If a Java 12 JRE is unavailable, one will be downloaded on first use.

⭐ dsapi.jar not included ⭐

Note that every version on DocuShare requires a different version of the dsapi.jar file. Also, the licence around distributing the dsapi.jar file is unclear.

The appropriate dsapi.jar file is required before use.

dsapi.jar files are available for free through the Xerox DocuShare Developer Network.

Getting Started

import * as ds from "@cityssm/docushare";

 * Set Up Connection

  dsapiPath: path.join("..", "..", "..", "java", "dsapi.jar")

  serverName: "dsServer.local"

  userName: "userName",
  password: "p@ssword1"

// Get a Collection
const dsCollection = await ds.findByHandle("Collection-100");

// Get the child objects of a Collection
const dsObjects = await ds.getChildren("Collection-101");

// Create a new Collection beneath a Collection
const childCollection = await ds.createCollection("Collection-102", "New Collection Name");


Note that functions are written based on need. Need another function? Create an issue or submit a pull request!

  • ds.findByHandle(handleString);

  • ds.getChildren(parentCollectionHandleString);

  • ds.findChildren(parentCollectionHandleString, filters);

  • ds.createCollection(parentCollectionHandleString, newTitle);

  • ds.setTitle(handleString, newTitle);

  • ds.deleteObject(handleString): boolean;

All functions return DocuShareOutput objects.

interface DocuShareOutput {
  success: boolean;
  dsObjects: DocuShareObject[];
  error?: string;

interface DocuShareObject {
  handle: string;
  title: string;
  summary: string;
  description: string;
  keywords: string;
  createDate: string;
  createDateMillis: number;
  modifiedDate: string;
  modifiedDateMillis: number;
  expirationDate?: string;
  expirationDateMillis?: number;