Removes symbols and character combinations from a text string, and replaces them with the letters they commonly represent.

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  import cityssmUnleet from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cityssm/unleet';



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Worry less about maintaining a list of every possible spelling of every bad word.

Ensuring that text entered by a user is polite can be difficult. Generating memorable passwords automatically using letters and numbers, without creating an offensive combination is challenging as well.

This project attempts to help by taking a piece of text, and replacing symbols that are commonly used to hide bad words with the letters they may represent. The result can be scanned against a far simpler bad words file.


npm install @cityssm/unleet


unleet("b@d w0rd");
// => [ "bad word" ]

unleet("1337 $P33K");
// => [ 'ieet zpeek', 'ieet speek', 'leet zpeek', 'leet speek' ]

// => [ 'organizm', 'organism' ]


Found some text that doesn't unleet properly? Open an issue.

Pull requests with more bizarre Unicode-to-letter mappings are more than welcome!