SPL Token Swap JavaScript API

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Token-swap JavaScript API

The Token-swap JavaScript library comprises:

  • A library to interact with the on-chain program
  • A test client that exercises the program
  • Scripts to facilitate building the program

Getting Started

First fetch the npm dependencies, including @solana/web3.js, by running:

$ npm install

Select a Network

The client connects to a local Solana cluster by default.

To enable on-chain program logs, set the RUST_LOG environment variable:

$ export RUST_LOG=solana_runtime::native_loader=trace,solana_runtime::system_instruction_processor=trace,solana_runtime::bank=debug,solana_bpf_loader=debug,solana_rbpf=debug

To start a local Solana cluster run:

$ npm run localnet:update
$ npm run localnet:up

Solana cluster logs are available with:

$ npm run localnet:logs

For more details on working with a local cluster, see the full instructions.

Build the on-chain program

$ npm run build:program

Run the test client

$ npm run start

Pointing to a public Solana cluster

Solana maintains three public clusters:

  • devnet - Development cluster with airdrops enabled
  • testnet - Tour De Sol test cluster without airdrops enabled
  • mainnet-beta - Main cluster

Use npm scripts to configure which cluster.

To point to devnet:

$ npm run cluster:devnet

To point back to the local cluster:

$ npm run cluster:localnet