Faros Bitbucket Feed

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This is a Faros feed that produces data for the VCS schema. When run will upload data to the feeds server as a new revision.

The feed pulls the following resources from Bitbucket REST API for each workspace the authenticated user has access to:

  • Workspace users
  • Repositories
    • Pull Requests
    • Issues
    • Commits


:clipboard: NOTE: Running this feed requires a valid Faros account. To setup Faros see the getting started guide


npm install -g @faros-ai/bitbucket-feed

Run the feed

$ faros-bitbucket-feed --token $BITBUCKET_TOKEN --api-key $FAROS_API_KEY


Running the feed requires a valid Bitbucket account and a Bitbucket user/client. Currently the minimum required scopes for this feed are

  • issue - Read your repositories' issues
  • repository - Read your repositories
  • pullrequest - Read your repositories and their pull requests

Using token


Using username and password


Bitbucket server

The feed defaults to pulling data from the Bitbucket Cloud REST API v2 (https://api.bitbucket.org/2.0). To run against a different Bitbucket server:


Faros feeds server

By default the feed will push records to the Faros Cloud production server. You can point to a different Faros server with:

--server-url $FAROS_SERVER_URL

See faros-bitbucket-feed --help for more options, including flag shorthands.