Comprehensive and powerful node.js Error API for creating custom errors and stack traces

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Comprehensive and powerful node.js Error API for creating custom errors and stack traces


  • npm install --save @cjs-error/extend
  • Without npm: git clone https://github.com/cjs-error/extend.git
  • Download Zip | Latest Release


  • Error.extend(name)
  • Error.extend(name, prototype)
  • Error.extend(prototype)
  • Error.extend(constructor)
  • Error.extend(constructor, name)
  • Error.extend(constructor, name, prototype)
  • Error.extend(constructor, prototype)


var Error = require('@cjs-error/extend')

// With name
var CustomError = Error.extend('CustomError')

// With name and prototype
var SystemError = Error.extend('SystemError', {
  with: function (code, errno, path) {
    this.code = code;
    this.errno = errno;
    this.path = path;
    return this;

// With prototype
var OpenError = SystemError.extend({ name: 'OpenError', syscall: 'open' });

throw CustomError('message' /* optional constructorOpt */)
throw OpenError('ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ./non-existant/').
  with('ENOENT', -2, './non-existant/')
// With a custom constructor
function MyError(message) {
    return Error.call(this, message, MyError);


throw MyError('message');


Example: Error.call(error, message, constructorOpt)

The constructorOpt is an optional argument that may be passed to Error.captureStackTrace which might be needed if subclassing extended error constructor by means other than extend. If you wish to learn more then read about the constructorOpt from the v8 wiki

Note: extended error constructor is the constructor returned from require('@cjs-error/extend') or Error.extend


Details are better written in code :point_down:

// The constructor returned from "extend" is a new function that inherits from its Super in two ways
Object.setPrototypeOf(ExtendedError, Super)
Object.setPrototypeOf(ExtendedError.prototype, Super.prototype)

// The constructor has the following additional own non-enumerable properties
ExtendedError.extend; // method
ExtendedError.thrown; // constructor specific error count
ExtendedError.last; // the last error constructed

// stackTraceLimit is inherited and each constructor may have its own stackTraceLimit
ExtendedError.stackTraceLimit = Infinity;
// Now all errors that inherit from ExtendedError will an infinite stack trace
// unless they have set their own stackTraceLimit
console.log(global.Error.stackTraceLimit === ExtendedError.stackTraceLimit) // false

// The enumerable properties of a prototype object passed to "extend" will be copied by descriptor
var prototype = { name: 'OptionalName' }
Object.defineProperty(prototype, 'prop', {
  get() {
    return 'my-prop';

// The following invokes the property getter
var MyError = ExtendedError.extend(prototype)
console.log(MyError().prop) // my-prop

// The ".call" of an extended error constructor
var error = Error()
var sameError = error
var sameInheritanceChain = Object.getPrototypeOf(error)

if (error instanceof Error && !(error instanceof MyError)) {
  // Then the result of Error.call will be that "error" becomes an instanceof MyError
  MyError.call(error, message, ctorOpt)
  console.log(error.constructor === MyError) // true
  console.log(error instanceof MyError) // true
  console.log(error instanceof Error) // true
  console.log(error === sameError) // true
  console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(error) === sameInheritanceChain) // false

// About Error.extend(constructor, name, prototype)
function test(message) {
    // Use "return" to support calling test without the "new" keyword
    return ExtendedError.call(this, message, test);


console.log(test.last) // null
console.log(test.thrown) // 0
console.log(test.name) // "Error"
console.log(typeof(test.extend)) // "function"
console.log(test.prototype instanceof ExtendedError) // true
console.log(test.prototype instanceof Error) // true
console.log(test() instanceof test) // true
console.log((new test()) instanceof test) // true
console.log(test.prototype.name) // "Error"

Error.extend(test, 'TestError');

console.log(test.name) // "TestError"
console.log(test.prototype.name) // "TestError"


The MIT License (MIT)

  • Copyright (c) 2015 [Rodney Teal](mailto:cjs.error@gmail.com?subject=Regarding cjs-error/extend)